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- Exactly 37 years ago, we said our final farewell to my dear paternal Uncle – Kehar Singh Braich.    


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- It is anticipated that all of my lawful creditors, as at October 1, 1999, will soon be receiving all funds due to them and owed by me. These repayments will include the original loan amounts, approximately eighteen million dollars (CDN $18,000,000), plus compounded interest, at the rate of interest equal to the Canadian chartered banks prime rate plus one percent, for the past nineteen years. This total amount will approximate thirty-nine million dollars (CDN $39,000,000).


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- Due to the level of interest in the previous post, it warrants clarifying certain issues. There is no court Order, pronouncement, or decree, nor is there any regulatory or government agency requiring the above payments. I am doing this simply to protect and preserve my reputation and integrity.


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Marquee Addition to our Portfolio

Palais Royale is a skyscraper in Lower Parel, Mumbai on land previously owned by Shree Ram Mills Ltd. It is currently the tallest skyscraper in India and the first super tall building in India to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Platinum rating for environmental sustainability. 

The luxury building is comprised of 120 apartments with two units of 8,000 square feet and two units of 14,000 square feet per floor. The premises include a cinema house, world class spa, cricket pitch, football pitch, three swimming pools and other amenities.

The development has been the subject of building code infractions and as a result, this magnificent project has been stalled in the Indian Courts. It is expected by the Braich Group of Trusts and Companies that the final pronouncement by the competent Court will be rendered some time before mid-February 2019.

With the aid of several professional advisors we recently negotiated an agreement to acquire this enterprise.

Eighty-two units ranging in values from $10 million USD to $16 million USD remain unsold. Not surprisingly, we have already been approached by numerous prominent high net worth individuals, celebrities and sports super-stars from around the globe.


Beach Front Property in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Sonora, Mexico

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Beach Front Property in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Sonora, Mexico


· In or about 2005 a parcel of waterfront property was purchased for approximately four million USD (a long process as this was purchased from an Ejido)

· These six parcels (five hundred hectares each) all enjoy access to the Sea of Cortez

· 3,000 hectares equates to 7,414 acres

· Since this acquisition, the Coastal Highway linking California to Rocky Point was constructed. The main purpose of this paved highway was to reduce the driving or travel time significantly. Previously, visitors were required to drive to Rocky Point through a much longer route accessed via Arizona

· With this improvement the six parcels were appraised several years ago at fifty-eight million USD. The property was and still remains ‘clear title’

· Stewart Title Company (founded in 1893 with over 6,000 employees today), offered to insure the title for the amount of fifty-four million USD

· The Braich Group of Trusts and Companies owns a 50% equitable interest in The Tortuga Project

· With the passage of time, the most recent appraisal dated in 2017 reflects a valuation of one hundred and thirty-four million USD

· More recently, the Mexican government authorities have spent one hundred and ninety million USD (in various phases) on building a world class deep-sea port facilitating a cruise ship terminal

· This terminal is nearing completion and an updated formal appraisal has been commissioned which will reflect a significant increase in the value of the property as a result of this major undertaking


· A variety of options for development are available and being explored for this still unencumbered property. This is evidenced by some of the attached documentation which can be found below in the Download section

· Several prominent developers and investors from around the globe have expressed interest in participating in this massive project

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Wednesday, JANUARY 16, 2019

The Braich Group of Trusts and Companies Executive Summary – EB-5 Projects as of January 8, 2019

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Wednesday, JANUARY 16, 2019

The Braich Group of Trusts and Companies Executive Summary – EB-5 Projects as of January 8, 2019



Erwin Singh Braich, along with a team of immigration and international business attorneys, architects, engineers, project managers, experts in the field of EB-5, and high ranking U.S. government officials, has both during, and since the second term of former President Barack Obama been monitoring very closely, as well as, tweaking the corporation’s multiple EB-5 projects.

Presently, our EB-5 team also includes senior executives, management personnel, and economists, local elected officials of municipalities, construction companies, accounting firms, and professional consultants. 

With the recent immigration proposal introduced by U.S. Senators, Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and David Perdue (R-Georgia), the RAISE Act (S.354) would give Congress the authority to raise the entrepreneur investor’s spend from $500,000 U.S. funds or $1,000,000 U.S. funds to $800,000 U.S. funds and $1,800,000 U.S. funds, respectively. No one knows with any accuracy when this change will be implemented; only that it is inevitable, and will likely occur at any time. 

The procedural advantages to our EB-5 model, which have been verified, are the following: 

• Based upon our non-participation with established Regional Centers, which typically adds 28 months or longer (minimum) in gaining approvals, we have no wait times in order to proceed. Through us, foreign entrepreneurs may secure their Green Card in approximately 42 days. 

• All of the fraud and misrepresentation, whereby the EB-5 program has gained disfavor, we have completely stayed away from. Consequently, our clients are very pleased to see that we have been absolutely disciplined, and distanced ourselves from Regional Centers. Of course, without stating the obvious, not all Regional Centers are a sham. 

•   Our EB-5 model is 100% approved by USCIS and the U.S. government. The Immigration Act of 1990 (IMMACT90) is verification of this. Therefore, an official letter, stamp of approval, or further verification, all of which takes years of processing time is not necessary.


IMMACT90 has designated us as a special class of “direct job creators” (Sections 203 & 204). The most valued subset of EB-5 participants.

• We are expecting to garner 3,000 to 4,000 seats per annum at the present quota level of 10,000 seats per annum. Our government sources strongly indicate that this 10,000 will be increased in the future. To facilitate and expedite this process we have retained lobbyists. Furthermore, we are seeking to add to our Board of Directors only members whose high ranking political experience, reputation, and integrity is beyond reproach. We have made it our goal to see EB-5 enrollment increased to 1.5 or 2 times its present annual level.

• Our entrepreneur investors’ investment is $1,000,000, plus a requisite fee of $150,000. This fee is by no means at the high end of the spectrum for the vast array of professional services provided by us. The investment must be 100% “at risk” and placed in a bonafide investment. Escrowing funds is not allowable under EB-5 guidelines. Legitimate investment opportunities carry with them legitimate monetary transfers, subsequent legal safeguards, and close monitoring of cash flows.  

• We are planning multiple EB-5 projects that entrepreneur investors may select from: 

(a) An approximate 1,500-acre “green” community development, which showcases our world class residential and commercial construction. Nothing has been endeavored on such a large scale anywhere in the world. This EB-5 project in Iowa requires 1,350 foreign entrepreneurs. 

(b) A second 3,055-acre “green” community development also features our world class residential and commercial construction, and requires 1,550 EB-5 foreign entrepreneurs. It is located in Arizona. 

(c) A luxury drug and alcohol addictions, equestrian treatment facility situated on 1,997-acres in Georgia. It will require 500 foreign entrepreneurs. The facility will also include a non-luxury (but extremely high quality) opioid treatment facility. Furthermore, we are presently negotiating the purchase of a second treatment facility near San Francisco, which consists of several thousand acres. 

(d)  A national healthcare program that replaces either ObamaCare or TrumpCare. Uniquely, this healthcare program is not regulated by the Insurance Commission, and is approved for sale in all 50 states. Some 2,000 foreign entrepreneurs are required. The home office will be in Alabama. 

(e) The Affordable Care Act (2010) allows for our creative, competitive healthcare model to operate in the marketplace without the payment of mandated fines levied against business owners that chose not to participate in government mandated healthcare.

(f) Our healthcare model is made possible by utilizing a not-for-profit organization which was incorporated in 1995 as a 501(c)3. We were the original incorporators of this non-profit, so we own and control its activities, as they exist in accordance with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service

(g) The above 2,000 foreign entrepreneurs via our Foundation based in Alabama, will bring us the requisite $2 billion as a Proforma Surety Fund, to bolster our program, and serve as a buffer against “risks”. 

Currently, we have a backlog of over 3,500 EB-5 foreign entrepreneurs who are ready, willing, and able to immediately sign with us, or have already done so. Included in this backlog are commitments from several consulting groups based in India, who wish to provide their software consulting, and other clientele the ability to enter and reside in the United States utilizing USCIS’s EB-5 Program

At the moment, only three months of the 2019 Fiscal Year has lapsed, so these seats are readily available. Upon charging each entrepreneur investor a fee of $150,000, and subsequently disbursing $27,500 in management fees; $20,000 for legal; and $2,500 for accounting per investor, our EB-5 program will net a pre-tax profit of $100,000 per head (Note: These payment figures include continued work required to track each investor’s file for 24 months, or until everyone’s I-829 Petition to Remove Conditions has been properly filed). 

Based upon our immediate availability of 3,500 seats, this is a before income-tax net profit of $350,000,000 (USD). Should our lobbying of the federal government become successful, and we know no reason why it won’t be, then filling the additional 2,000 seats based upon available backlog will occur in either 2019, or by the next presidential election in 2020. This will add another $200,000,000 (USD) to our pre-tax profits.

One of the recent realized benefits of our EB-5 business model has been our eligibility in 2018, to file for a reduced U.S. corporate tax rate of 21%. This is one of President Trump’s notable achievements since entering office.

Additionally, our EB-5 projects will generate several billion (USD) in available investment capital into the United States, as foreign entrepreneurs signed with us are required to invest $1,000,000 each. These funds will be in our control and custody beginning in February/March 2019………………. from which $2 billion is allocated as per the Proforma Surety Fund mentioned above in Item (g). 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Sunday, February 17, 2019


It is our sincere pleasure to announce the following:

· Previous pledges totaling a donation of twenty-five million dollars (CDN $25,000,000) to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, British Columbia will very soon become a reality.

· The Braich Group of Trusts and Companies has secured approximately 17 acres in Lake Cowichan, on Vancouver Island, for the purpose of constructing a commemorative multiple-use facility. 

This project will honour the many contributions made by families who were pioneers in the British Columbia forest products industry and also recognize the tireless efforts of all those who helped build the industry’s reputation around the world.

Our Group’s charitable contribution will be a minimum of fifty million dollars (CDN $50,000,000). We invite federal, provincial and local government involvement as the development, construction and operation phases of the project will produce immediate, as well as on-going, employment and other economic benefits in the region.

All written suggestions for this endeavor are encouraged and truly welcome.


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The Webmaster,

It is heartwarming to read about these plans for Lake Cowichan.  My roots and those of countless others are steeped in rich history and memorable times as former residents in this noteworthy region. Very fitting that Mr. Mayo Singh (1888-1955), his family and  all others involved are to be, once again, remembered fondly by the eldest son of another pioneer - Mr. Herman Singh Braich Sr. (1911-1976). 

It has been my great fortune to have been intimately involved in the financial journey of my dear friend - Erwin Singh Braich Sr. -  as he navigated through and around the numerous speed-bumps while accomplishing a truly remarkable feat. It is with much pride  that I am able to state that his rise to the level of those in the BUSINESS INSIDER or FORBES TOP FIFTY (50) WEALTHIEST PERSONS IN THE WORLD will provide inspiration to fellow Canadians.  

I pray that his philanthropic activities will only become larger and more frequent.    


 Mr. Bikram (Vic) Berar

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Road to Mission: The Third Fork in the Road

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Road to Mission: The Third Fork in the Road

Could the road less traveled be the third fork in the road?

Under the direction of an independent movie producer/journalist, Shahnaab Alam, of Easterly Entertainment, Pvt. Ltd., and in association with an internationally renowned film company, we are developing both the concept and storyline to a multi-season, historical in nature, mini-series chronicling the advent of the first East Indian immigrants in North America. The journey follows a young immigrant Herman Singh Braich Sr. who arrives in Canada at the tender age of 16. This pioneer then becomes the father of Erwin Singh Braich Sr., born in 1955, the eldest son from Herman’s marriage to Surjeet Kaur.

The events take place particularly on the west coast of Canada. As immigrants, the main characters eventually achieve success and acceptance within North America’s larger society, while Canada is transformed into a multi-racial nation.

Research and development of written scripts, for approximately 48 episodes to this detailed saga will involve several teams of writers based in both Asia and North America. Working in tandem with the creative directors and producers, several Hollywood consultants, and primarily, select individuals and/or their descendants, the writers will obtain first person narratives and perspective as content for the series. Research and development are expected to take about one calendar year. 


To more effectively tell the story, the mini-series has been broken into four seasons. These are:

Season One: Early Beginnings of Indo-Canadian Settlement in Canada

Season Two & Three: Herman Singh Braich Sr. – Forest Industry Pioneer and Legendary Gambler

Season Three & Four: Erwin Singh Braich Sr. – Taking the Third Fork in the Road

• Erwin took over the family business at age 20 when his father passed away suddenly on his 65th birthday on Friday, May 21, 1976.

• At that time, his siblings were sister Reita age 16, Herman Jr. age 15, Jim age 14, Bobby age 12, and youngest brother Kenny was 11.

• He married in 1980 and daughter Talia was born on March 7, 1983 and Erwin Jr. on October 29, 1985.

• In and around the early 1990’s the remaining family’s forest products divisions, inherited and built since his father’s untimely passing, were sold. After a retirement of a few years Erwin turned his attention - without the involvement of any siblings - to business activities around the globe chiefly focused in Eastern Europe. A protracted divorce, family maintenance payments, and child custody battle had already begun, as well.

• On October 1, 1999 Erwin was maliciously petitioned into involuntary bankruptcy for clandestine reasons by two individuals, one of which was his brother Bobby.  Bobby’s shenanigans included persuading his Mother’s long time lawyer to act for him contrary to normal professional ethics relating to conflicts of interest and the theft of Erwin’s Registered Mail as orchestrated by Bobby and his conflicted lawyer. 

• A fraud was perpetrated on the Supreme Court of British Columbia while Erwin was in Europe and was unbeknownst to these events. The prolonged process of attaining this Petition was frequently improper and obviously utilized criminal activity.

• These proceedings commenced coincidentally just days after Erwin had been named the Indian Businessman of the Year on May 15, 1999. 

• At that time it would have been extremely compromising for Erwin to file a Statement of Affairs. Therefore; another means of evaluation of Erwin’s net worth acceptable to the judge - Honourable Duncan Shaw – who was seized of this matter, were agreed to by all parties on August 19, 1999.

• The aforementioned task had been completed by an Officer of the Court – a seasoned lawyer – Gordon Elliott; at the expense of Erwin Braich Sr.

• In an extraordinary and bizarre twist, during the lunch break on October 1, 1999; the presiding judge was shockingly substituted at the insistence of the counsel for the two Petitioners without advising other involved parties. Why did Honourable Justice Shaw disappear at noon? 

• Just ninety minutes earlier he had stated that he was returning after lunch to set a new Court date. This was to accommodate Mr. Elliott’s request to complete the report including developing photographs. Mr. Elliott had just returned from his journey overseas investigating matters as mandated. Where did Honourable Justice Lowry come from and why?

• Erwin's net worth when originally petitioned dwarfed his debts of less than twenty million dollars.

• On June 30, 2004, Mr. Erwin Braich finally filed, under oath and pursuant to a British Columbia Supreme Court Order his voluminous and appropriately backdated (to reflect the values on October 1, 1999) Statement of Affairs.

• Erwin's undischarged bankrupt status has now lasted approximately 20 years. Despite obvious legal hurdles, the stigma, collusion and conspiracy to financially obstruct and injure commercial and business activities by culpable parties, and other impediments, in the last twenty years (as an undischarged bankrupt), Erwin has built a remarkable global portfolio of assets utilizing Family Trusts.

• This portfolio of assets has a market cap forecast, made by reputable, independent business and financial experts, on three continents, to be approximately twenty-five to thirty billion dollars. This does not take into account any extraordinary projected gain in value or any provision for applicable income taxes in various jurisdictions.

• For a detailed and more descriptive chronology and narrative please click below:


• For more documents and reference material please visit


Season One, or the “Early Beginnings of Indo-Canadian Settlement in Canada” begins in 1897, when most scholars believe that the first Punjabi Sikhs arriving in Canada were in a group of soldiers from Hong Kong, who were traveling through Canada to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. By 1901 Canada’s Census had recorded 1,000 Canadian residents who had been born in India, and were residing in Canada, as a result of this landing at the Vancouver port. In that Census, the Sikhs were classified as being of British origin and were labeled as Anglo-Indians. Later Census data indicates that the first significant number of Sikh immigrants arrived between the years of 1903 and 1908, as 5,179 Punjabi men (women were a rarity) immigrated to Canada. This information has been verified by personal accounts from third and fourth generation Sikhs in Canada. 

Many academics and researchers have long recognized the hostile reception that Sikhs faced when they immigrated to Canada. For this reason, Sikh expansion into Canada was slow during the first half of the 20th Century. The period was fraught with backlash and insurmountable odds against survival. No question about it, Sikh pioneers had come to a cold and hostile environment, both literally and figuratively. Besides language problems, poor education, lack of proper housing or health care, they faced culture shock, racial discrimination and segregation.

 The isolation faced by Sikhs could have been reduced significantly through access to a normal family life, the presence of children, and contact with neighbors. For most Sikh pioneers, this was impossible. According to the Canadian Sikh Study and Teaching Society, which has compiled a detailed amount of history on Sikhs settling in Canada, has estimated that only nine Sikh women immigrated to Canada between 1904 and 1920. This circumstance didn’t begin to change significantly until the 1940’s. Dr. Marian Wesley Smith in his book, Sikh Settlers in Canada, Asia, and the Americas (1944, pages 359-364) also verified that only a few early Sikh immigrants were women. After this early period, Smith indicated that approximately 400 East Indian women migrated to Canada prior to World War Two, compared to more than 5,000 men.

The era of Sikhs in Canada unable to establish families or being without their loved ones was referred to as the “bunkhouse life”. Laws were passed to restrict the migration of East Indians. Incoming men had to book direct passage to ports of entry, and have $200 to sustain themselves. This was 8 times the amount required for white immigrants. These legalities served to further restrict passage to Canada.

To learn more please see the download below.


Road to Mission_The Third Fork in the Road (pdf)




Herman Singh Braich Sr. holding his eldest son - Erwin - Circa 1957


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- Exactly 38 years ago, we said our final farewell to my dear paternal Uncle – Kehar Singh Braich.

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